Watsbot: A Comprehensive Guide For WhatsApp Bot in 2021
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Watsbot: A Comprehensive Guide For WhatsApp Bot in 2021

On 01 Apr, 2021

Back in 2014, when Facebook purchased WhatsApp we all were sharing posts on what else the social media giant could have bought for a staggering USD 19 billion. Now, after realizing the importance of data in digital marketing and machine learning, we can see how wise was Facebook in this business deal. 

History aside, it was a good thing that Facebook bought WhatsApp. Facebook is quite business-centric and naturally, it helps businesses with their sales and growth. It has released helpful APIs for engineers to make chatbot solutions. It’s precisely how Watsbot was developed and in this post, we will look at ways a WhatsApp Business Chatbot can help you market your products and services better.

What is the WhatsApp bot (Watsbot)?

WhatApp bot is just like any chatbot you encounter on a good website. The only thing different here is you are chatting on WhatsApp. There are many businesses out there that are trying to create a WhatsApp chatbot for their precise needs. After all WhatsApp is being used in 180 countries, approximately and people always open WhatsApp messages. Businesses need it to gain more customers in the market. 

You must have heard about WhatsApp Business. It is a great app for small businesses but when it comes to large businesses, you need something more. Thankfully Watsbot uses artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver life-like customer experience and is an ideal choice for large businesses eyeing conversions through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Messages have the highest opening rate and are excellent for lead generation - CEO Watsbot

Watsbot allows businesses to develop chat conversations or conversation stories to guide customers the way they want. It will take the load off their customer service team if they deploy it on their website. Watsbot can guide visitors on the website to the right pages and make navigation better. It can also retrieve contact information from the visitors and your sales team can call these people for sales conversion.

What industries Watsbot caters to?

Watsbot business solutions are developed to help businesses operating in multiple industries achieve their goals. The interface of Watsbot is so easy and intuitive, it just takes you a couple of minutes to set it up for your business needs.

The following are some industries where Watsbot chatbot solutions are currently being used to cater to customer care and generate qualified leads. 

  • Healthcare
  • Travel 
  • Real Estate
  • Education

Watsbot for Healthcare

Watsbot is excellent in guiding patients to the right medical practitioners and storing their medical and contact information for further use. Know more about Watsbot for Healthcare here.

Watsbot for Travel

Use Watsbot to help your customers while travelling. Provide them with instant answers related to tourist hotspots and city guides. Help them with bookings and give travel advice and tour promotions all through Watsbot. Know more about Watsbot for Travel Businesses.

Watsbot for Real Estate

Watsbot allows you to connect with customers better on WhatsApp. Give them a chance to instantly book a property viewing and gain property consultation through WhatsApp anytime. There are no phone calls involved here and the entire process is automated. Know more about Watsbot for Real Estate here.


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Watsbot for Education 

Watsbot assists educational institutes in guiding candidates about the admission process and sends them to the right departments for information. The AI-powered chatbot can also answer frequently asked questions and learn from the visitors on the education portal. Know more about Watsbot for Education here.


Why should businesses use WhatsApp bots?

There are many benefits for businesses using WhatsApp chatbot solutions. The engineers at Watsbot create a WhatsApp bot for your business to generate leads and boost customer satisfaction. Here are a few stats to show you why businesses should use Watsbot.

It is the leading messaging channel!

WhatsApp has experienced a 40% increase in usage during the pandemic and this has made it a leader among the messaging channels.


WhatsApp delivers 100 billion messages per day!

Reports say WhatsApp delivers approximately 100 billion messages per day. The number shows how many people use WhatsApp daily and there will be many customers among all these users.

It has the highest opening rate!

WhatsApp has the highest opening rate and this beats email blasts easily. If you are sending business messages on WhatsApp people will be listening to you and there is a high chance of lead generation here.

WhatsApp brings you to repeat business!

Using WhatsApp chatbot businesses can send reminders, promotions, alerts and service notifications to their existing customers. It boosts customer engagement which spells into customer loyalty bringing you repeat business. 

It helps businesses improve products and services!

Businesses can use WhatsApp chatbots to gather customer feedback and improve their products/services. Customers trust businesses that listen to them and implement their suggestions and troubleshoot issues.



WhatsApp bots are great for businesses when it comes to generating leads from the usual website traffic and guiding customers better. These bots operate 24/7 on your website and you don’t have to hire customer support representatives at odd hours to provide answers to your customers. You can also build customer loyalty through regular notifications and timely alerts. Giving your business a WhatsApp chatbot solution is a great favor as it will help your company grow and give your overworked employees the much-needed time to refine their skills.


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